I randomly designed something! / Postal surprise

Before I acquired my table loom, I started studying / trying to figure out how to intentionally design drafts (as opposed to randomly filling things out and seeing what happens!).

Apart from trying to figure some stuff out, I found an excellent series of articles in some old Shuttle Spindle and & Dyepot magazines given to me by my friend Phil.

But before I could comprehend any of it, the software engineer in me led me straight to weaving software. The first one I got was actually a lead from my friend Aaron, who showed me an app for the ipad and iPhone called iWeaveIt back when I just had my rigid heddle. It is based on the WeaveIt weaving software package (which I can’t own since I don’t have any windows PCs)

It’s basic and cheap but it does excel at quickly doodling / visualizing drafts on the go.

I also have been evaluating Proweave and Fiberworks. They’re both great but I have a smaller tilt towards Fiberworks. And they both run on Macs. A look at what weaving software can do would actually make a great post in of itself.

I came up with this draft in Fiberworks, All I did was select a point twill threading (and treadled in the same fashion), and tried to draw some pattern in the bottom left quadrant of my tie-up. Fiberworks then flipped, rotated and inverted that small drawing based on my parameters to fill the rest of the tie-up … and voila!

 I’m sure it’s in a pattern book somewhere. I picked some colors for warp and weft that it might look good in, and from all the initial random doodlings that I did where I had no idea what I was doing, I like this one the most. I would love to try weaving it some day. If everything I said sounds like greek I might just explain drafts at some point too.


After I wrote the first draft of this blog a surprise came in the mail from Webs. (ok not really much of a surprise):

  Lots of great inspiration in my new library addition, and some tencel, merino, and alpaca/silk weaving yarns for future projects.

Looking at the colors, I think forest green and black would also make a nice color combination for my draft above. I just might try to make a scarf out of it.


4 thoughts on “I randomly designed something! / Postal surprise

  1. tintinnael says:

    I like iWeaveIt too. I actually balked a bit at the price (for an iPhone app) but everything runs smoothly and it has all the functionality you need to draft, say, on the bus. Of course, I only have a four-shaft loom, and I use the software mostly for profile drafts.

    I must say I’m envious of all that alpaca! I’m sure you’ll turn it into something great.

    • tintinnael says:

      Oh, another app you might check out: Yarn Shop from Camilla Valley. If you’ve never ordered from them, they have a good selection of weaving yarns and Leclerc stuff at the Canadian prices. Not necessarily the fastest to ship (from my one experience with them) but it still beats waiting on customs!

      • David says:

        Thanks for the heads up! Will definitely look. So far I’ve ordered stuff from M. Brassard et Fils in Plessisville, where my Voyageur is from. They ship real fast (I ordered Monday morning and the parcel is already waiting for me today when I get home!), and they have lots of yarns and accessories..

    • David says:

      Thank you!

      It looks steep, but yes its good when you need to do some emergency drafting 😉 People find it cool to watch you design a scarf for them right before their eyes too 🙂

      One gripe…Once I import the pattern and make changes, those changes are instantly saved. I can’t tell hoe many times I played around with something I designed only to lose it because my changes were permanent. Its pretty crippling not to have a save/discard feature, but one day we might get one.

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